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Looking for a break in your music career?

If you're an up and coming artist, looking for a break in the music industry this blog will help you out.

It's not a sales pitch for my business, nor is it the "5 Simple Steps" that will increase your online sales and turn you into a sensation.

Most of that stuff is not designed to actually help artists out at all. It's designed to increase traffic to that online business and sell a product. Profiting the owner.

A lot of that stuff actually prey's on younger artists who have little experience in the industry. You see many up and comers have a "magic moment mentality". They are looking for that break, that deal, that promoter that will bring them to overnight fame.

A good friend of mine was in contact with the head of CD Baby and asked him one question. " Do you think paying a promoter is a good idea?" His response I can't repeat word for word because of the expletives, but was something along the lines of " I've never seen any talented artist make it through promoter, they are a waste of money."

Now there are always exceptions and I'm sure a few artists have done it that way, but generally I would agree. Most of the experiences I have seen with artist I work with are that they take a lot of money and do very little with it, which brings me to my point. "Making it" in the music industry doesn't come from a magic moment so stop looking for it.

Once you get that out of your head you are ready to actually start. Start a life journey of song writing. Critical listening. Refinement. Gaing performance experience, both live and in the studio. Technique development. Listening!!!! And all the rest of it.

I see a lot of artist and talented artist come through the studio who have the talent but still lack the recording experience. I always say once you have been through the process of recording an album then you are ready to start making one.

Hard work and the right kind of hard work will always yield results. You can work hard at the wrong thing, pushing for a break with all your energy and finances and never get it because your hard work was in the wrong area.

Great musicians and great music always speaks for itself and will always make the breakthrough by itself. That's not to say you should promote it and work hard on that side as well, thats not what Im saying. But simply get rid of that "Magic Moment Mentality" and you will be at peace to take your time and enjoy the ride.

The amount of money that is wasted on promotion companies that could be spent on way more important areas, a new single or EP, a better instrument...... the list goes on.

So keep working hard on your art form. Yes promote, but I would suggest DIY. With all the platforms out there and the ability for ever artist to do it for themselves the field is open to go for it.

So go for making great music, not to "be successful" and "make it".

Push your artistry instead. Eventually, with persistence and hard work, you will find what your looking for.

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