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Every album or EP coming through the studio starts off with a coffee with the artist or band. I'll always first take the time getting to understand and develop the sound the artist is going for before stepping foot into the tracking room.


"Finding an engineer that you can trust and can develop a good working relationship, can be the difference between a successful career and the end of one."




Zarven Kara is the engineer, producer and manager of Reel to Reel Studios and has worked in most facets of the music industry throughout Europe and Australia. He earned his living working in the clubs of Germany as a jazz guitarist and composer, but soon became successful for his work as a mix and mastering engineer. Gaining valuable insight and experience inside some of Germany’s finest studios he brought that knowledge back to Australia and designed Reel to Reel Studios based on the warmth of Analog recording equipment. 




Also being down to earth and relaxed ,when not at work in the studio, you might find him with his three children outside digging up homegrown veggies.




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