Analog Mixing, Mastering and Production.

Dedicated in helping serious independent artists produce studio quality audio from home, online.

    " You create your music, we do the rest."


Who do we work with?


Firstly, we don't accept every client that comes our way.

We love working with serious artist who dedicate their time and resources in creating something of quality, so if you are a garage band, recording from home with a few budget microphones, this may not be for you. 


We do tend to collaborate with singer songwriter and bands who write modern, acoustically based music, so if you are soley an electronic artist you also may find a better fit somewhere else.  


This selection is done simply because we love giving our best to produce music that both we, and the artist are proud of and can happily stand behind, not as an elitist music production club. 


So if you are serious about recording and producing your own material but never seem to get it sounding like you want this service is for you.


We do use some of the highest quality analog and digital audio processors in a hybrid set up to give your music the analog vibe that it needs.


How does it work? 


1. Send through your a ruff mix of your song  via dropbox           or a link to one of your ruff mixes. 

2. We will have a listen and let you know if it's something we could work together on.


3. If so, we discuss the production and can help suggest possible changes and additions that could be made before mix down.


4. You send us the individual files and we can make a start.


  We only take payment on delivery of the final product and make as many recalls as is needed until everyone is satisfied.


- Mix and Master -$250 /Single

- Mastering $90 /track

- Mastering from Stems (4 Stems) $120

- Mix $200 /track

          (all prices in AUD)

Enquire for EP's and Albums

With your consultation, we often recommend getting a seasoned pro to lay down any tracks that  we feel are needed, either in addition to or to replace what has already been recorded and have a group of seasoned studio musicians ready to help out. Prices are below:

- Drum Tracks  $110

- Acoustic and Electric Guitar Tracks $90 

- Bass Tracks $70

- Double Bass Tracks - $90

Piano Tracks- $90

- Strings - $150

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